Our Missionaries

Here Are Several of the Incredible Missionaries Our Church Supports


Joshua & Amanda Allred

Phone - 904-400-1977
Website - Joshua.alred@bbfimissions.org
Email - Allreds2mexico@yahoo.com


Robert Graham
Children's Village

South African Childrens Resiliency Project



Ward Hodges


Ward seeks to create key partnerships that dramatically raise awareness about World Hope.

He speaks frequently throughout the country, conveying his passion to see people’s lives changed

by receiving the hope of Christ. He and his wife Amy have two children.




Randy and Louise Manley
Molokai Baptist Church, Molokai, Hawaii

Phone - 808-567-9294 
Email - randylouise87@yahoo.com


Dan & Patty Peters


Missionaries to Szolnok, Hungary


Website - www.bbfi-Europe.org/Peters_Dan

Email - dpdanpeters@gmail.com


Bill & Therese Williams


Phone - +34-649-755-056



Tim and Wendy Boone

Stillwater Ministry


Email: info@stillwaterministry.com
Website: www.stillwaterministry.com


Ray - Marie - Beverly Sowards


Missionaries to the Indians
of Oklahoma


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