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Message From: laurie morrison   |   Email Address:
Hope the entire congregation is doing well. Never thought i would miss npr but i do... or should i say the people residing within. God Bless All.
Posted 05/27/2014

Message From: keijo   |   Email Address:
So exciting the way are for us to live and and go an with helping of the Lord in the spirit to win and be glory to the Father in heaven right now and he is looking on us in love and knowing our mind and heart always,thanks in Jesus name and bless,keijo sweden
Posted 08/20/2013

Message From: mark harmon   |   Email Address:
Be without fear in the face of your enemies.Be brave and upright that God may love thee.Speak the truth always,even if it leads to your death.
Posted 04/07/2013

Message From: BbhVUuqUHeABtGKhYt   |   Email Address:
i just signed up for both but have been a subbircser on youtube for you also already:) ive never won anything in my life except for my husband of a year now and his 2 darling boys who are now my step sons:) I consider that a win in my book:)
Posted 11/22/2012

Message From: Dorothy Hughes   |   Email Address:
Good Morning Pastor Bond, Just a quick HELLO to let you know I was thinking of you on the 14th anniversary of our marriage. We haven't been in your area in 12 years, but remember the wedding and your kindness all the time. I tell stories of meeting you and of your "interviewing" us prior to your marrying us. [g] Bless you and hope all is well. Dorothy Hughes
Posted 09/08/2012

Message From: Pat Strickland and Laurie Morrison   |   Email Address:
Hello Pastor Bond and Sherri, Hope your New Year is blessed and God finds you ever in His favor. God bless you
Posted 01/02/2012

Message From: Dennis Rod   |   Email Address:
This is by far one of the most organized site for church services. Thank you for this
Posted 01/28/2011

Message From: patrick   |   Email Address:
Hello Friend, I bring you greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I wish to let you know that Jesus said all you that are laboured and heavy in heart should come to Him and He will give you rest.Matt 11:28-30 The only place you can find rest in this life is in Jesus. I don't know what you are going through in life, Jesus can give you rest from it. Jesus said take my yoke upon you for it is light. How do you get into the rest of our Lord Jesus Christ? The bible says except a man be born again he can not see the kindom of God.john3:3-8. (In other words except you are born again you can not enter into the rest of Jesus)
Posted 08/27/2010

Message From: James Flannery   |   Email Address:
great site. I feel as though people are losing their love for God in these modern times and it is great to see His message is alive and well on the internet. God bless and keep up the good work. James Flannery
Posted 08/10/2010

Message From: Judy/Chuck Gorton   |   Email Address:
Just moved to Port Richey and checking out the churches
Posted 01/24/2010

Message From: shannon owen   |   Email Address:
It is always a blessing to see how God works through His people. Congratulations on the new building. May God feel it with salvations and spiritual growth.
Posted 09/23/2009

Message From: marsha peters- millirans   |   Email Address:
very nice website, love the new building. dad and mom (doug and Eve peters) told me about it. looks like you are doing alot of work. keep it up !!!!!
Posted 08/27/2009

Message From: John Phillips   |   Email Address:
Please keep up the good work. God bless.
Posted 08/26/2009

Message From: David Burns   |   Email Address:
Thank you for creating such a wonderful site.
Posted 08/12/2009

Message From: John Johnson   |   Email Address:
When the lord closes a door, he opens a window. I think he just closed that window in my life and opened an entire meadow to me. Praise.
Posted 08/09/2009

Message From: keijo   |   Email Address:
Thank you to the Lord for joy and aboundet feel in faith and trust in God with thanksgiving and love to him daily and Jesus second coming pleasure and rscue,thanks and bless and pray for gopsel in the sweden,keijo sweden
Posted 08/08/2009

Message From: Robert White   |   Email Address:
Hello Ellis, Last time we visited was when you were at Alva. I decided to googled your name to find you. You knew me from the old ATSF RR days. Home then was Wellington. When you get a chance, drop me a line and let's visit. 'Ciao' for now. -Robert.
Posted 03/19/2009

Message From: Cheryl Cravener   |   Email Address:
Hi Church Family! Boy, am I happy to be home. It was a great summer with canoeing, deer spotting ( for those that don't know, you do that at night with a spot light from the car.) Roasting hot dogs and hamburgers over the fire was fun. I also got to spend time with my Dad, my sister and other relatives. The woods sure are full of God's glory and peace. I only regret that I didn't have you all there with me to enjoy it too. I missed you. Philippians 4:11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.
Posted 11/10/2008

Message From: laura naumann   |   Email Address:
thanxs for being a great source of support and friendship in every way...:)
Posted 08/24/2008

Message From: kadie   |   Email Address:
i miss you guys and i want you to tell everyone that ill be visiting again at Christmas time!!!!!! Lots of love comes your way from Georgia!!!!! ~kadie
Posted 08/24/2008

Message From:   |   Email Address:
thank you for this great site
Posted 07/08/2008

Message From: Lisa Orr   |   Email Address:
Hello FBCPR, I am Andrea Valdez's daughter and I'm so grateful to God that she found such a wonderful church. She has grown and blossomed spiritually so much since she first moved to FL. Way to go MeMe. I'm so proud of you for sharing your testimony. Lo
Posted 06/09/2008

HEY! GREAT WEB SITE! We are looking forward to being with you folks on Wednesday evening, May 21,2008. May God Bless you folks as you grow.
Posted 05/15/2008

Message From: Don and Roberta Mcemar   |   Email Address:
Rev. Al and Pat, we are thrilled to read about your church!! May God bless your every ministry. We love you.
Posted 05/07/2008

Message From: Estil and Fritz Phelps   |   Email Address:
Pastor Bond and Church The upgrades and information are great...Thanks for having us on your Missions Staff. Estil andf Fritz Phelps Crowm Baptist Ministries 4-28-08 10:35am cst
Posted 04/28/2008